Multi-vendor, cloud-native solutions that scale and deliver extraordinary experiences.


5G networks don't just magically rollout. We make 5G work. 

Service providers must change the way they architect networks to quickly innovate and bring to market new services that create great customer experiences and generate new revenue streams. But the market is fragmented and speed to market is critical.


Open, cloud-like solutions that utilize a multi-vendor approach will be key to success. We provide a framework for envisioning, integrating and activating products and services that will thrive on 5G's revolutionary speed and low latency.




End-to-End 5G Enablement

Our 5G enablement strategy builds on a vision of helping customers to cost-effectively accelerate time to revenue by validating with speed and integrating at scale complex multi-vendor 5G solutions. 

The objective is simple: To help operators capture the opportunity to be first to market, drive new revenue streams and create economies of scale.


Move Faster Than Ever

Stuck in the lab? We've designed, tested and validated a set of solution architectures in key 5G technology areas. Utilize our blueprints to accelerate commercialization of 5G infrastructure. 


Piece Your 5G Puzzle Together

As the industry moves toward 5G, service provider networks will become increasingly software-driven and built with a variety of vendors. This brings added complexity to consuming and monetizing transformational technology, and emphasizes the need for simplified supply chain and integration.


Turn 5G Vision Into Reality

Our Next-Generation Factory deployment model enables operators to turn their 5G vision into reality. We validate complex, multi-vendor 5G solutions with speed in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), integrate them at scale in one of our global integration facilities and support telcos throughout the entire process with our portfolio of professional services.


5G Monetization

Maximize ROI on 5G investment by delivering transformational enterprise applications and services at the edge of the network. Our understanding of the complex service provider environment and experience serving many of the world's largest brands gives us unique insight into how to drive edge use cases to market across a variety of industries.