Cisco Webex

Learn how to optimize your usage of Webex

Introduction to Webex

During your time at WWT, you're going to participate in many meetings, and with many employees being spread out across the country and world, WWT utilizes Webex as it's number 1 video conferencing platform to give employees who can't meet in person the opportunity to converse and interact virtually. Webex is a flexible, inclusive, and secure platform that can be used anywhere on any device. Furthermore, with it's integration within Outlook and our many facilities/offices, Webex is a valuable tool that helps maintain the connectivity and togetherness of WWT.

Setting Up A Meeting

In order to set up a Webex meeting, you will follow the same initial steps as setting up a meeting through Outlook. Once you have added your meeting title, start and end time, and meeting description, click the "Add Webex Meeting" button in the Appointment tab and a meeting will be created and the meeting link will be added to the end of the description. If you would like to create a hybrid meeting, simply add the meeting location with the Webex link into the location field when creating the meeting. When it is time to join the meeting, click on the event in your Outlook calendar and press the "Join meeting" button.