Build community and connectivity.

In WWT Consulting Services, we continually focus on building and celebrating our strong culture. We are in a period of rapid growth, adding many new joiners to the team in a completely virtual environment. With the challenges of fully remote work, we knew we needed an updated approach to scale our culture and succeed in a virtual world. From recruiting and onboarding to team bonding and development, our powerful (virtual!) culture supports an engaged team.

Give a round robin welcome.

We create a caring environment from the start — not from an employee's first day with us, but from their first interview. We ensure our candidates leave each conversation with a better understanding of why WWT is a great place to work for all. We include a peer "day in the life" interview, providing a deeper understanding of the role and responsibilities and ensuring a strong fit for both parties. Our candidates have a recruitment point of contact throughout the process who is prepping them for each interview, answering questions and ensuring they receive feedback.

When their first day at WWT arrives, the same recruitment point of contact is there to welcome them to the team. This person cares for their holistic onboarding — from setting up their laptop to meeting new friends. An additional peer buddy is assigned for questions and coordinating small group meet and greets. We ensure each new joiner is meeting one-on-one with 8+ people in their first week. By the end of the week, our new joiners feel confident and ready to accelerate into their new role.

Create space for conversation and action.

WWT has always embraced diversity of people and thought. We create additional opportunities within Consulting Services to stand with WWT by learning, educating and advocating for diversity and equality in our organization and community.

By recognizing the cultural celebrations important to all members of our team — such as Diwali, Lunar New Year and Black History month — we create an inclusive culture that allows team members to share important history, encourage learning and develop a sense of belonging. Teammates share family traditions, perform cooking demos of popular regional cuisine and educate through personal memories and interactive activities. Celebrating together has given many a sense of comfort and community at a time when they are unable to travel home to visit their family.

While we wait for the days of hosting social events and grabbing a cup of coffee with our team to return, we are creating opportunities for people to spend time together virtually — not focused on work — but simply to get to know one another on a personal level. Every week we host a “scramble,” where the team is randomly put into small group breakout rooms to discuss topics ranging from their latest Netflix binge to Black history in America. Through these conversations, we are creating a bond and sense of trust within the team. We have also identified virtual volunteer opportunities with Junior Achievement to support their mission of inspiring and preparing young people to succeed.

Offer opportunities for development.

Providing opportunities for continuous professional growth is key to an engaged, challenged and supported team. Last year we adapted our training strategy to shift from face-to-face learning to a virtual platform. Our monthly learning series features both a personal interest and work-related topic. This format highlights the unique skills and interests of our group, while fostering cross-team collaboration and knowledge sharing. We’ve also begun converting our Consulting Bootcamp from a 2-day, in-person training to an asynchronous platform featuring multi-media learning presentations, live coaching and practice sessions. We’ve created additional channels such as a rotational R&D program, monthly Sr. Manager office hours and dedicated 1:1 time with practice leadership to ensure that people always have multiple outlets to learn new skills and solicit feedback.

By scaling our connected culture and bringing a world-class employee experience to each person's home office, we are building an engaged team that is active in their personal growth and happy to be part of WWT Consulting Services.