Designing a World Class Culture
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Designing a World Class Culture

To design a world-class culture, the Business & Analytics Advisors organization starts with recruitment.

Cast a wide net.

We are committed to making WWT and Consulting Services a Great Place to Work for All by supporting WWT's efforts to build a diverse workforce and a collaborative and respectful environment for all to contribute and grow. For the Business & Analytics Advisors (BAA), this starts with recruiting from talent pools that contain more diverse candidate pipelines, such as LinkedIn and other third-party websites, as well as universities. 

In the past year, the BAA team ramped up campus recruiting efforts by attending career fairs, hosting informational sessions for college consulting clubs and leveraging the Handshake app. For students, Handshake works a lot like LinkedIn, connecting us to students on over a thousand college campuses.

Rethink how you screen.

BAA candidates undergo a series of case and experience-based interviews where they are scored across a defined set of attributes. This helps remove unconscious biases by relying on a mechanism to measure a candidate's problem-solving, presentation and analytical skills — rather than criteria such as what company they’re coming from, what school they went to and who they're connected to, which can often decrease the diversity of the candidate pipeline since people's networks are usually comprised of people who are similar to them demographically. 

During the interview process, we appeal to a broad range of candidates by ensuring they meet with a diverse group of people from our team. Our Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 campus recruiting efforts generated almost 300 applicants for our Analyst position, resulting in ten offers and a 100 percent acceptance rate. 60 percent of the incoming Analysts are women and 70 percent represent an ethnically diverse population. 

In BAA, we are proud of our efforts to recruit and support a diverse team, representing a wide range of ethnicities and cultures, reflected by the 15 languages spoken by the BAA Team.

Encourage multiple perspectives, experiences and capabilities.

As our team continues to grow, we are working to reinforce our leadership concepts and WWT's world-class culture. We design an inclusive workforce culture through opportunities for mentorship, leadership interaction and ongoing peer support. 

This starts with an onboarding buddy, to make sure new joiners receive a warm welcome and have all the resources they need to be productive from their first day. Each new joiner is also assigned a Career Development Manager, who acts as their coach for personal and professional growth throughout their career. 

The BAA team offers multiple venues for formal and informal mentoring and networking, including all-hands and role-based calls, Senior Engagement Manager office hours, team networking scrambles and various training and skill development opportunities.

Focus on people development.

We expect all team members to promote a collaborative, supportive and respectful environment, and provide training aimed specifically at encouraging healthy conflict and increasing the participation and contribution of all employees. We also aim to build a high performing team through a performance management process that delivers feedback throughout the year so individuals can understand their strengths, improve performance and learn through iteration. 

Through our apprenticeship model, team members learn and continually receive feedback from their Project Engagement Managers, Career Development Managers, leadership and peers. This process ensures we are able to develop and retain our top talent, achieving a 96 percent retention rate over the past year.

We are committed to building and developing a diverse workforce through recruiting, continuous education and celebration of our cultural differences. We continue to identify opportunities for improvement and education to ensure WWT and Consulting Services remains a Great Place to Work for All.