Q&A With a Former WWT Intern
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Q&A With a Former WWT Intern

Get an inside look at our Internship Program from former intern and current full-time employee, Chloe Freihofer.

Describe the team you work on and your new role.

I have had the greatest experience with World Wide Technology as an intern in the Human Resources department. I recently accepted a full-time position on the People Services team within HR Operations. 

One thing I love about People Services is that they are the catch all for HR! We get to support all of the teams within HR and that is so helpful for someone just starting out. I knew that when I accepted the move to intern with the HR Ops team, this would be where I could see myself working full-time. When I was offered a full-time role after I graduated I could not have been more excited!

How long have you worked for WWT as an intern and what team(s) did you support throughout your time?

I started with WWT in October of 2018 and worked year round while I was attending school at Lindenwood University. I first started on the Benefits team, then moved to the Program Innovations team, and finally ended up with People Services within HR Operations. I absolutely loved moving around within HR and learning about the different teams and what they all entailed.

If you could describe your experience as an intern in one word – what would it be?

Educational. When I think about my time as an intern, I was constantly learning. I was learning about HR, what kind of job I could see myself in, what kind of workplace features were important to me, etc. I never knew any of these things before I started with WWT. I learned a lot about both the company and myself!

What was your favorite memory as an intern?

Helping with our annual Great Place to Work Party was always my favorite day of the summer! It was so much fun setting up the space and then having all the employees come down and join in and appreciate what you just set up. It was also so fun getting to work at the booths and talking with all the employees and interns that you usually don’t get to see.

What steps did you take to set you up for success in converting to full-time?

I always say "I made myself sticky." I took on anything that anyone asked me to do and learned it well. Eventually those things became my responsibility, and it showed that I was eager to learn and willing to put in the work. It is so important to be open to learning and doing tasks that are out of your comfort zone. I had zero knowledge of Human Resources when I first started but my team members and managers were always there to help teach me anything I wasn’t sure of. Doing all sorts of different tasks has really taught me a lot.

What valuable skills have you learned while interning at WWT?

One of the biggest skills I learned was that it is okay to ask for help and always ask questions. I loved that anytime I asked a question to a coworker or anyone in a leadership role, they were always so willing to help and teach me along the way. It made me feel confident in what I was doing and it showed that was eager to learn. 

I also find that my common work skills improved. I know how to navigate my email, how to respond professionally to coworkers and how to act on calls and in meetings. These are skills that you don’t really think you need to be taught, but I think I would be extremely behind in these skills had I not had my internship with WWT.

If you could give a piece of advice to a college student looking for an internship, what would it be?

Do your research on the company! Look into what it is being recognized for, ask people you know what they think about it, etc. Some places seem like they would be great places to work, but it’s so important to make sure they are offering a workplace that you are going to love to go to everyday and have people that will help you learn! 

I also would say pick something that is out of your comfort zone. Take an opportunity to learn something completely new — it could be something you end up really liking!

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