Posted by Telco Transformation on June 29, 2017:
While SD-WAN has moved out of its niche status and into the mainstream, it still needs added intelligence in order to see the big picture.Global enterprise application performance has deteriorated as WAN traffic has grown exponentially in recent years driven by the expanded adoption of the cloud and the Internet of Things.WAN traffic that traverses the public Internet has expanded as the traditional MPLS networks are costly to scale, slow and inflexible. Consequently, the variability of response times detrimental to application performance has increased. Investment in higher bandwidth to cope raises the risk of over-engineering and diminishing payoffs as the level of network utilization falls.SD-WAN brings new capabilities for control and optimization of the flow of data traffic with centralized monitoring, SDN controller directed automated operations, distribution of traffic across the system to avoid local choke points, abstraction of complexity and reconfiguring the network to reduce the hops in data flows.