Experts from Cisco and WWT talk trends for 2017 what will help retailers transform their business

As mobility becomes the primary driver of how consumers make purchasing decisions, it's time to look at how retailers can harness the power of mobile technologies in 2017.

Watch our latest TEC37 Webinar: Retail and Mobility Trends to Watch for in 2017  to hear experts from Cisco and WWT discuss what mobile technologies stand to differentiate retailers this year.

Key topics from the webinar include:

  • Evolving trends with store automation
  • Virtual bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons
  • Cisco's new partnership with Apple

The webinar is available for viewing on demand above, or you can subscribe to our #TEC37 podcast channel to listen to the audio while you're on the go. You can also see what was on attendees' minds by checking out the FAQs below.


  1. Vendors are pitching augmented reality to us to improve the shopper experience. What is your perspective on the impact it provides?Augmented reality is one of those things that is here and will continue to evolve. Right now, it's viewed as brand equity where it's cool and trendy, but I don't see a lot of retailers integrating it into a conversion at the point of sale. I think as technology continues to evolve augmented reality could become more desired for certain customer segments.Take a grocery store for example. There's still a segment of customers that like to touch, feel and smell their produce. So, right now, they'll order dry goods online but not fresh products. With the rise in online buying and delivery trends, a company could extend their offering by creating an augmented reality environment where consumers can actually see and feel their food and be comfortable buying their fresh products online.
  2. Are digital platforms eliminating jobs from the retail sector? What happens when drones and robots can do the deliveries, picking and packing?We don't see digital platforms removing jobs, but truly expanding the workforce into new and exciting areas to support varying branches of IT and customer support. This includes applications, integrations, design, engineering, quality assurance and support staffing. It's really opening up lines of productivity across the business to re-engage and re-train the workforce in the next generation of customer experience.


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