California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) Assessment Services

With today's information management and security challenges, most would agree there is nothing more confidential and sensitive than privacy data. These challenges have no boundaries -- the potential impact can be anyone, be it a company or an individual. Compounding the issue are major weaknesses publicly seen by the multitude of data breaches. This has resulted in a greater demand of stringent mandates and, the CCPA, is one example of a major response. Meeting CCPA is equally demanding and at WWT, we bring expertise to assist businesses in preparing and managing the stringent compliance requirements.

Goals & Objectives

WWT's Security Consultants can provide a detailed analysis of the enterprise's compliance with these new standards. By applying an accountability approach in the evaluation of an organization's privacy activities, WWT will provide a level of detailed analysis to ensure adherence to data subject rights for data access, portability and deletion.  

WWT provides a level of service that far exceeds industry standards and is acknowledged by our customers by combining advisory services, professional services and advanced technologies.  Our Security Consultants can help define and scope your organization's adherence to CCPA by providing the following services:

Compliance with Industry Standards 
Get a concise view of current CCPA compliance by mapping controls and activities to industry standards and best practices.

Identification and Implementation of Processing Activities Register
While CCPA does not require the use of a register, having one in place does help an organization identify the data, who it is shared with, how it is handled and the business purpose it is used for. 

System Log Reviews 
Identify logs that need to be monitored and how they can be stored to provide information regarding the transmission, storage and other details of identified data.

Policy and Procedure Review 
Comprehensive review of existing policies and procedures in regards to privacy concerns. These would include establishment of standards, minutes of privacy related meeting minutes and daily procedures for ensuring controls are in place for on-going compliance.


WWT's Security Consultants have years of experience in helping organizations comply with current and emerging privacy laws and regulations from around the globe. From GDRP to CCPA and beyond, our seasoned consultants ensure your organization is in adherence to industry standards and best practices when it comes to protecting and responding to consumer requests for data concerns. 


Work directly with WWT to achieve the following: 

  • evaluate the enterprise's current level of privacy program maturity;
  • create a gap analysis of the current program and the level of adherence to privacy laws and regulations; and
  • define a roadmap that recommends specific steps needed to achieve compliance and on-going monitoring of data activities around consumer data.