Cloud Security Risk Assessment

During this assessment, WWT's experts will help you obtain a risk assessment across your organizations cloud footprint to jumpstart your cloud security program. WWT will work strategically to discover all your assets and identify risky configurations, assess your resources against compliance standards (PCI, GDPR, NIST, CIS), monitor privileged users and access credentials for abnormal behavior, gain real-time network visibility to detect suspicious traffic, and uncover critical hosts that have exploitable vulnerabilities.

Goals & Objectives

Cloud security refers to a broad set of control-based technologies and policies deployed to protect information, data, applications and infrastructure associated with cloud computing. As with on-premises applications and data, those stored in the cloud must be just as vigilantly protected.

Organizations that simply rely on their cloud service providers to supply security and protections across their cloud environments and applications are at risk of: 

  • Lack of visibility and control over users
  • Breaches and malware
  • Data loss
  • Compliance violations


Benefits of this assessment:

  • Complete visibility into your organizations cloud footprint
  • Identify gaps in capabilities weakening your organizations cloud security posture
  • Benchmark maturity of your organizations current cloud security strategy against leading industry standards & frameworks
  • Define areas for improvement, as well as a strategic cloud security roadmap aligned to risk reduction and business priorities


Is security the No. 1 obstacle in your journey to the cloud?

Organizations of all shapes and sizes share a common set of challenges that slow down their ability to move to the cloud. 

  • Gaps in visibility
  • Inconsistent security posture
  • Compliance violations
  • Point product overview
  • Skills and resources to manage products
  • Protection of sensitive data


Cloud security is about shared responsibility.

The Shared Responsibility Model of cloud security clearly outlines the respective responsibilities of cloud service providers and their customers. Providers of cloud services are responsible for protecting the infrastructure that runs all the services offered in the cloud. Meanwhile, the customer's obligations in the Shared Responsibility Model include monitoring for risky configurations, anomalous user activities, suspicious network traffic, and host vulnerabilities.

Diagram of security in the cloud versus security of the cloud.
Security in the cloud versus security of the cloud