Data Center Facilities Assessment

We develop a road map to help future growth, upgrades and expansion of a data center. Through a data center assessment, we help provide a clearer picture of the data center's capacity and reliability, as well as its vulnerabilities. The assessment will provide an insightful and holistic view into their environment that they have never had before.

Goals & Objectives

Achieve greater agility and efficiency with four different levels of on-site assessments. 

Simply select the inventory for the asset evaluation. Once inventories are taken and sites assessed, a comprehensive report with detailed information on existing conditions will be provided. Also included will be recommendations to bring sites up to industry standards by making corrections in power, cooling and space deficiencies. Any upgrades to IT Infrastructure systems can be managed turnkey. 

Reach our to our Facilities Infrastructure team to ensure your data center environment will support infrastructure modernization or consolidation plans.

Assessments and Levels