HPE Synergy Composer 2 Upgrade

April 23, 2020


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In this ATC Insight we walked through the upgrade process of the HPE Synergy system from Composer 1 to Composer 2. We followed the HPE guide located and attached as a PDF file in the Documentation section to test out the validity and pain points in the upgrade process.  

If you would like to see what we found out, there are two major data points we can offer in this ATC Insight:

  1. Check out the ATC Insight Section or Click Here to go there.  We go deeper into the upgrade process.  We outline some of our best practices before you get started, upgrade steps at a high level, and final thoughts.
  2. Check out the Documentation Section or Click Here to go there. In this section we go even deeper and provide an HPE PDF upgrade document and a step-by-step tutorial video to walk through the upgrade itself.


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