Two ways to migrate to Smart Licensing for Cisco Collaboration


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Our WWT Infrastructure Services organization, (or IS) has helped many of our Enterprise customers in their Cisco Collaboration journeys. One specific use case is helping customers migrate or convert their legacy Cisco Collaboration licensing model to the new Cisco Smart Licensing model.  

We normally assist customers around Cisco Smart Licensing when they have determined that it's time to move to an updated version of Cisco Collaboration Solutions Release (CSR).  They most likely have decided on the deployment model (click here for ATC Insight on deployment models) that best fits their organization as well.

The next step is to migrate the current licenses over to Smart Licensing so they can be managed from Cisco's Smart Licensing Portal. How does this happen? Is there more than one way to skin this cat?  If you would like to see how it works please keep reading in the ATC Insight section.

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