Aviatrix Multicloud Network Architecture (MCNA) Lab

1 hour
The Aviatrix Multicloud Network Architecture (MCNA) Lab is a capability of the ATC designed to dive deep into the core pillars and use cases that define a Multicloud Network Architecture. This technical guided lab will provide customers with a full understanding of the Aviatrix cloud network platform including intelligent, advanced networking capabilities, operations and security within a hybrid multicloud architecture.

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of the Aviatrix Multicloud Network Architecture (MCNA) Briefing and Lab is to explore the Aviatrix platform, understand the key elements of the solution and how it unifies the network infrastructure within the cloud, to the cloud and between clouds.  

The Aviatrix guided lab will cover the following areas:

  • Advanced Multicloud Network Transit
  • Dynamic Network Path Selection
  • Intelligent Route Propagation
  • High-Performance Encryption
  • Multicloud Network Segmentation (MCNS)
  • Global Security Domains
  • Extending Cisco SD-WAN from Branch to Aviatrix
  • Operational Visibility and Monitoring
  • FlowIQ - Network Flow analysis

Lab Topology


After reviewing and demonstrating the Aviatrix Multicloud Network Architecture Lab, you should:

  • Understand the Aviatrix Multicloud Network Architecture and all components of the platform.
  • Recognize the value of intelligent Multicloud Networking leveraging a common control plane and repeatable design.
  • Understand the value of Multicloud Network Operations for day-two operational visibility and control.
  • Learn how the Aviatrix platform overcomes cloud provider limitations while scaling across clouds.

Who should attend:

  • Infrastructure Lead/Manager
  • Enterprise Architecture Lead (Cloud-Focused)
  • Network Architect
  • SD-WAN Architect
  • Cloud Services Manager
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Anyone interested in learning more about how a multicloud network platform quickly adapts to the business needs while reducing the complexity of operating a hybrid multicloud environment.