Customer Experience in Remote Work Era Briefing

1 hour
Remote working is persisting longer than any of us anticipated. Industries with direct customer interaction are using this juncture to address tactical concerns and strategic direction for their call centers and customer experience. Request this complimentary one-hour consultation if your organization is considering migrating the call center a cloud platform, developing digital strategy for customer engagement and self-service, or simply improving the experience for remote agents and the customers you serve.

Goals & Objectives

The agenda for this one-hour call will be customized to the issues most pressing to your organization. In advance of committing to this consultation, you have the opportunity to select from these topics:

Cloud or On-Premise Call Center 

  • Highlight key considerations for where and how to host your contact center.
  • Compare public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or remaining on-premise.
  • Discuss at a high-level your organization's requirements for application integration, complexity and budgetary model.

Digital Strategy to Transform Customer Experience

  • Showcase key customers and the business outcomes for companies who were able to pivot to digital customer experience during the pandemic.
  • Highlight or identify the key business use cases for your organization to engages consumers, patients and others in new ways on mobile devices, in their homes, or on the web.
  • Introduce the concept of friction-less service and customer expectations for efficient, personalized service however they interact with an organization.

Quick-Deploy Contact Center for up to 1,000 agents

  • Introduce the four cloud-native Cisco Webex Contact Center product options.
  • Highlight the technical requirements.
  • Review integrations and speed of deployment for each option.
  • Recap benefits and challenges associated with each option.