Enterprise Segmentation Briefing

2 hours
Whether you are at the beginning of the segmentation process or considering options to enhance and improve your security posture, our Segmentation Briefing will provide significant insight at any point of the lifecycle. Gain valuable knowledge and obtain a deep understanding of important segmentation areas and concepts, including: * Our proven strategy and methodology * Understanding interrelated requirements * Knowing how to identify and avoid the unknowns * An optional Segmentation Accelerator for quick wins * Discovery and mapping as the first step * Best practices for zone frameworks * Reviewing segmentation-capable technology * Solution selection and best fit * Implementation approaches for the short and long term * Automation considerations * Operational assessment and impact

Goals & Objectives

Obtain Expert Insight

The segmentation of IT environments has evolved and is now considered a strategic requirement for nearly every business. What was once a network-focused capability has evolved to a broader, enterprise strategy bringing into play a mix of policy demands, architectural considerations and varied technical solutions within the market. 

Businesses must consider segmentation to enhance their security posture and protect valuable data while limiting the consequences of a breach. Add to the equation ever-increasing regulatory pressures and compliance mandates across nearly every business vertical, and segmentation becomes an essential tool.

Reducing complexity through a proven methodology is the key to successful Enterprise Segmentation. Our methodology, based expert knowledge and hands-on expertise, is designed to help you achieve your segmentation goals.

Our segmentation best practices are based on numerous customer engagements across every vertical. We've encountered nearly every possible scenario, overcoming challenges based on organizational limits, an untold number of architectures, vast technology environments, and many other variables that promoted or restricted segmentation efforts. Our vast bank of lessons learned can offer unmatched insight and understanding to solve your unique problems.

Our Segmentation Briefing will give you the opportunity to evaluate and strengthen your understanding of how to develop a truly enterprise-wide Enterprise Segmentation strategy. You'll gain expert insight and leverage to promote your segmentation initiative within your company, and a well-defined implementation plan to make the initiative a success.