Quickly validate new technologies to deploy more efficient, flexible, reliable and scalable networks.

Carrier Networking


Operators must change the way they architect networks to become more agile and responsive to end customers while at the same time driving cost out of the business. 

Legacy service provider networks are not sustainable for the bandwidth and latency demand of tomorrow. The economics of 5G will require investment across all domains of the network. To scale, operators will have to leverage virtualized, multi-vendor solutions that create a more agile network.

WWT's deep domain expertise puts the complex puzzle pieces together, enabling service providers to deploy scalable next-generation technology platforms that enable rapid service delivery, drive network agility and foster innovation.



WWT Accelerates 5G Rollout with Optical Training and Deployment Expertise

The emergence of 5G will transform the way people and businesses consume and utilize network connectivity. But from a network architecture vantage, the single biggest change will be the number of radio cells deployed. 

WWT offers a comprehensive approach to optical networking that affords customers carrier-grade implementations of innovative, industry-leading solutions that reduce costs and accelerate revenue growth. 



Tackle Unprecedented Growth in Bandwidth Demand with Segment Routing

Traffic delays or drops are  deal breakers for real-time applications — particularly those utilizing  high-bandwidth, low-latency 5G standards. Segment Routing makes the network more scalable and intelligent while improving capacity utilization, leading to lower cost and greater user satisfaction — all while providing greater benefits with increased simplicity.


5 Question to Ask Before Diving Deep Into Open Networking

Open network acts as a key enabler of disruptive technologies, allowing for innovative software integrations to run on top of off-the-shelf hardware to produce best-of-breed solutions that can deliver impactful business outcomes. However, implementing this technology remains a challenge for many. That’s why it’s important for those considering an open networking strategy to be familiar with what they are getting into.