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Enterprise organizations with truly global footprints can benefit immensely from fostering a culture of innovation that inspires a commitment to new technology and optimized infrastructure.

Such companies understand that self-assessment and transformation form the bedrock of innovation and are crucial to staying ahead of the competition. Companies that stubbornly cling to the traditional view of IT as a cost center will likely disappear in the long run.

While innovation is essential, large-scale technology investments can also pose significant security challenges for modern enterprises given the sheer number of endpoint devices spread across their global networks. As traditional network perimeters have given way to dispersed webs of mobile devices, susceptible attack surfaces have grown that much bigger.

All organizations face the critical security challenge of maintaining visibility into what's happening on their networks and assessing whether that activity is good or bad.

Smart companies know that investing in the right endpoint management strategy is vital to minimizing risk and reacting quickly when trouble strikes.

Delivering endpoint security

A logistics firm with a global reach was evaluating Tanium as a primary tool for endpoint management and network visibility.

The company's focus on endpoint security architecture was spurred by business challenges and security risks related to network consolidation, configuration management, and operational tasks like DNS and Active Directory management.

Based on our strategic partnership with Tanium, the company engaged WWT's Tanium Services team to remediate these issues.

The customer purchased more than a quarter million Tanium seats with the intention having WWT complete the deployment and operationalization of Tanium Core, Discover and Comply modules within an accelerated timeline. Based on prior experience, we emphasized the importance of pairing Tanium with professional services to ensure seamless functionality of the solution within the customer's environment.

Our Tanium experts eventually paired up with the customer's endpoint management team, which was responsible for similar tools like BigFix and SCCM. The plan was to use WWT's Advanced Technology Center (ATC) to test and optimize the three Tanium modules for the customer's unique environment, then leverage our deployment and operationalization services to get the solution up and running as their primary endpoint management and visibility tool.

The ATC difference

We began the engagement by introducing the customer to our Tanium Proving Ground Lab in the ATC. This lab consists of a sandbox environment designed to help customers develop proficiency in deploying, managing and monitoring Tanium solutions. It provides a flexible framework for evaluating solution components, installation considerations and expected behavior in a model customer environment.

Once the Tanium modules were tested and validated, we proceeded to manage, deploy and operationalize Core, Discover and Comply. Some of the in-depth services WWT performed included:

  • Provided a Tools Rationalization framework that showed the customer how to leverage Tanium as a platform for conducting tools assessments.
  • Designed and led three workshops aimed at implementing critical use-cases within the enterprise:
    • Compliance Workshop: focused on how the customer could use the Comply module.
    • Discovery Workshop: focused on how the customer could use the Discover module.
    • Asset Management Workshop: focused on the customer's existing inventory efforts and toolsets, and how Tanium could help align a strategy for more effective Asset Management.
  • Developed a repeatable roll-out schedule using Comply that ensured successful deployment while minimizing risk to the enterprise.
  • Helped customer understand not only how to use Tanium to gather compliance data, but how to use that data within their existing people, processes and technology frameworks.
  • Helped customer engineer risk controls, such segregating a critical location used for supply chain logistics.
  • Worked with Tanium to build a "PCI Compliance Report" that gave the customer's PCI team enhanced visibility into endpoints by reporting on inventory and configuration compliance.
  • Helped customer understand the critical need for a centralized configuration management database (CMDB). At the time, the customer relied on several home-grown projects that patched data together in ineffective ways (i.e., they had no true CMDB).
  • Built several Tanium dashboards to help customer with day-to-day operations across their various use-cases.


Using WWT's proven Tanium rollout methodologies and programmatic approach, we deployed and operationalized Core, Discover and Comply -- three of the most impactful Tanium modules -- within an accelerated timeline and with no major outages to the customer's global enterprise.

The customer now has enhanced discovery abilities, network visibility, and compliance and asset management capabilities for IT endpoints.

WWT's workshops, validation and implementation efforts ensured that Tanium was fully incorporated and adopted by the company instead of becoming just another underutilized tool on the shelf.

This solution has helped the customer discover and remediate some major issues that had been ignored for years. Examples include:

  • DNS issue: A bad domain name architecture resulted in scores of endpoints having incorrect hostnames. For example, a phone would have the hostname of a server and vice versa.
  • Active Directory issue: Endpoints had been falling out of the customer's Active Directory over time, losing membership with the domain in the process. This can lead to many different problems. The Discover module highlighted this problem by finding machines removed from the domain.
  • Sparse IP networks: The customer had very sparse subnetting, which meant it was using its IP space ineffectively. WWT actually had to make some custom changes to the core functionality of Tanium to make it work in an optimal way because the endpoints were so sparse within the customer's large, sprawling subnets. Going through this exercise helped the customer understand how inefficient their IP addressing strategy was and forced them to prioritize cleaning it up.

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