Cloud Consumption

. . . simplified.

WWT extends our unique multicloud approach to help you optimize your cloud consumption.

We offer consolidated billing and support across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform along with support for customizable tools to simplify cloud consumption management.

Reach out to your WWT account manager to learn how we can help you optimize your organization's cloud investments.


Simplified cost insights

With access to cost insights across providers and real-time consumption visibility, you can make informed decisions. We'll also consolidate your subscription management and billing.



Onboarding best practices

Our specialists will share best practices for structuring your cloud subscription accounts and provide guidance on leveraging different cloud platforms based on your organization's needs.



Expertise across multicloud

Work with our cloud specialists in key solution areas, from cloud networking and security to hybrid cloud platforms and management.


What's Included

The following services are included at no additional charge when your cloud consumption billing is through WWT. 

Please click each of the services on the left to view details. 

Premium Consumption Services

In addition to the included services above, the following services were developed for our customers who desire a more hands-on approach to optimizing their cloud investment. 

Customization is available and requires additional scoping.

Please click each of the services on the left to view details. 

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