Cloud Network Automation With Consul

Cloud Network Automation with Consul is a multi-week structured engagement to quickly get up and running with Consul Enterprise in a cloud or on-premises environment.

Additional services can be provided if there is a need to deploy Consul Enterprise into multiple environments or multiple clouds. 

The following is a high-level breakdown of tasks for this offering.


Deploy Consul Enterprise and Onboarding

  • Deploy Consul Enterprise in an immutable fashion, providing for full automated installation and upgrade processes, following security best practices and reference architecture.
  • Integrate with enterprise authentication technologies such as LDAP/SAML/IAM.
  • Integrate with enterprise monitoring solutions.
  • Set up of Consul snapshot agent and associated recovery process.
  • Integrate applications with Consul as a Key/Value datastore.
  • Implement service registration, discovery and health monitoring with the Consul service catalog.
  • Implement service configuration using a dynamic catalog or key/value information.
  • Knowledge transfer and mentoring.

Advanced Use Cases

  • Implement Zero Trust networking with Consul Connect Service Mesh.
  • Service segmentation leveraging supported proxy deployments.
  • Integrate Consul with Kubernetes with sidecar injection and Consul service catalog integration.
  • Implement network middleware automation using the service registry.
  • Integrate the Consul service registry with third-party networking products to provide load balancing and security network automation.
  • Deploy service mesh gateways and integrate multiple Consul environments.
  • Implement governance and policy control.
  • Integration with HashiCorp Ecosystem partners.

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