Cloud Security Automation With Vault

Cloud Security Automation with Vault is a WWT solution offer that helps organizations quickly get up and running with Vault Enterprise in a cloud environment.

Additional services can be provided if there is a need to deploy Vault Enterprise into multiple environments or multiple clouds. 

The following is a high-level breakdown of tasks for this offering.



Deploy Vault Enterprise

  • Deploy Vault in an immutable fashion, providing for full automated installation and upgrade processes, following best practices and highly available reference architecture.
  • Integrate with enterprise authentication technologies such as LDAP/SAML/IAM
  • Integrate with the enterprise monitoring solutions
  • Provision Vault secret storage
  • Initialization and seal management
  • Configure Audit logging
  • Create backup and restore configuration
  • High availability, recovery and replication configuration
  • Identity based access for machines via platform integration
  • Namespace configuration providing secure multi-tenancy and delegation
  • Configuration management tool integration patterns

Advanced Use Cases

  • Migrating Vault Open Source to Vault enterprise
  • Associating Vault Enterprise to provide secrets and API tokens
  • Dynamic cloud service provider credential configuration
  • Dynamic database credential management schemes
  • SSH credential management for remote Linux administration
  • Use Vault Enterprise to provide encryption as a service
  • Identity based access for machines via platform integration
  • Implement sentinel policies for governing access to application endpoints
  • Integrate Vault with existing CICD pipelines and DevOps tools
  • PKI certificate management providing efficient TLS enforcement
  • Leasing and revoking secrets, dynamic credentials and certificates
  • HSM Auto unseal
  • FIPS 140-2 & Seal Wrap

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