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Welcome to the WWT Tanium Services Community Page. This Community is dedicated to sharing information related to WWT Services supporting customer success with the deployment and operation of Tanium. WWT has supported customers in their journey to increase visibility and management of endpoint devices in Global Finance, Healthcare, Shipping, Energy, and others. This Community Page serves to collect and organize WWT Services and content related to our Tanium activities.

WWT Tanium Services

WWT offers several services to help customers get the most out of their Tanium investment.

Tanium Quickstart (NEW)

WWT has developed a set of Quickstart offerings focused on specific Tanium endpoint management capabilities. These Quickstart services are intended to be around a couple of weeks in duration and focused on improving an organizations' Tanium based capabilities. Our current Quickstart offerings include:

  • Tanium Asset Management
  • Tanium Comply
  • Tanium Core
  • Tanium IT Hygiene Assessment
  • Tanium Patch
  • Tanium Threat Response

For additional information on our QuickStart offerings, please contact our team.

Consulting Services

WWT also has a proven track record providing support for the deployment, operationalization, and Management of Tanium capabilities. We have worked with organizations over periods of time ranging from a few months to several years.  Our services include:

  • Project Management  covering hundreds of tasks supporting Deployment, Operationalization, and Management
  • Enterprise integration with tools like Splunk and ServiceNow helping you maximize your investment 
  • Customer Specific workshops: Once Tanium is installed and running and collecting data, leverage it to show stakeholders the art of the possible and drive operationalization and integration tasks
  • Documentation on What we Did, Why we did it, and Where we are going. Also, roadmaps, executive summaries, Tools rationalization, Best practices, and recommendations Documentation
  • Assistance building Tanium Dashboards combining enterprise needed information in an easily digestible format

We would appreciate the opportunity to walk through our offerings related to our consulting services. 

Managed Services

In addition to Tanium Consulting services and Tanium Quickstarts, WWT also provides services around Tanium deployments including 

  • Management of Tanium infrastructure
  • Daily operations management
  • Subject Matter Experts working with IT and Security personnel

If you would like more information on how we approach managed services and where we have provided managed services please contact us.

Consolidation and Migration Services
  • Very often, an enterprise will have several tools providing security and endpoint management. Additionally, some companies are looking to replace specific tools for various reasons.  Rather than add Tanium as another tool, WWT has helped companies consolidate tools by leveraging the capabilities of Tanium. With capabilities spanning patching, asset management, discovery, threat response, and more, Tanium can be a great opportunity for consolidation. 

If you would like to hear more about consolidation and tool migration capabilities call us. 


Articles and Case Studies


To give you a better idea of how Tanium, our partnership,  and our services fit together. 



Our Labs


In addition to our services, WWT also offers a Tanium lab that has been used for:

  • Training
  • Development of Tanium deployment plans
  • Testing of Tanium capabilities
  • A platform for working through integrations like Splunk and ServiceNow.

Below are links to our labs and several videos intended to give an overview of lab capabilities and tutorials to help get the most out of the labs

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Meet the Team


Our team is looking forward to helping with all facets of Tanium Deployment, Operationalization, Integration, and day to day management.