Container Platforms

Container Platforms

DevOps drives enormous value for IT organizations by delivering value early and often through emerging platforms such as Kubernetes.

Kubernetes and container platforms are at the forefront of global IT transformation. Yet many organizations struggle with understanding and operationalizing the complexities of these new platforms.

WWT's Container Platforms practice can help your organization realize the value of Kubernetes safely, securely and iteratively through expert engineering and consulting services.

Our specialists can help you adopt, automate, instrument and operationalize platforms such as VMWare Tanzu, Red Hat OpenShift, Rancher and Open Source Kubernetes. Relying on decades of DevOps and agile best practices from our in-house software development shop, we'll help you test and validate container solutions in the safe and scalable environment of our Advanced Technology Center (ATC). Then our experts will be ready to mentor your teams as needed to accelerate container platform adoption across the business.

How We Help

Traditional enterprise IT has been designed to be deliberate, steady and methodical. Solutions that have been relied on for years simply weren't designed to respond to the unprecedented speed, safety and stability required by today's digital economy.

WWT's outcome-based approach to agile development, DevOps and Kubernetes can help you transform the way your teams build, run and manage software. We focus on capturing iterative feedback to guide decisions, producing impactful solutions at the speed of your business. We then upskill your team to own those solutions long after they've been built. 

You won't find another partner who combines the in-depth research, analysis, modeling and strategy development of a consulting firm with the proven ability to deploy, integrate and operate complex infrastructure solutions at scale around the world.

Our People

As one of the premier adopters and experts in the science and art of agile software development, WWT is ready to help solve your DevOps and Container Platform problems across a multitude of technology stacks, frameworks and code bases.

Meet some of our Container Platform leaders.

Matthew Perry

Sr. Director, DevOps Enablement

Matthew Perry is the Senior Director of DevOps Enablement for WWT's Application Services. He has been responsible for multiple engineering teams at WWT and enjoys working with cross-functional groups. He believes in combining the best of people, process and technology to drive outcomes.

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Jim Hopkins

Director, Container Platforms

Jim is an experienced DevOps Practitioner working to break down walls between software development and operations. He is motivated to push himself both mentally and physically in both work and home, continuously improving his skillsets as well as those around him. Traditionally a trained Systems Engineer, Jim enjoys solving people and technology problems to drive positive business outcomes. He is also passionate about giving back through programs like the Hour of Code and BSA.

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Dana Callear


Dana joined WWT in 2013 as part of the Infrastructure Services team, specializing in hypervisors and virtual desktop technologies. He went on to tackle innovation and automation within the ATC, which resulted in leading a team of internally facing developers whose goal is to accelerate and mitigate risk in service delivery through automation and intellectual property development. Currently, Dana resides on WWT's Global Engineering Team with a focus on DevOps. His goal is to ensure customers' success at developing their own code efficiently and effectively through strategic partners, tools and WWT services.

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