Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Businesses have several choices when they identify a problem that technology can solve.

They can purchase a commercial off-the-shelf solution; download a free and open-source product; license software-as-a-service from a cloud provider; or build a custom solution.

Custom software can fill the gap when no other solution meets your business needs. 


  • Add new features to an existing application
  • Create a solution for a specific user community when there is no off-the-shelf option
  • Rewrite existing applications written in an old technology with modern software tooling and technique
  • Ensure applications written in old code are supported
  • Find qualified people to maintain the codebase
  • Integrate multiple tools and technologies into a single turnkey solution
  • Own your solution's IP
  • Avoid being tied to a specific vendor

If you want to minimize risk and maximize speed-to-viability and ROI, a custom software solution built using agile processes might be the answer.


Our approach

Our process is designed to deliver value early and often

WWT Application Services is an agile development shop. What does that mean? It means our customers have full control over their software investments and enjoy the ability to pivot in new directions as conditions change. 

Our approach is grounded in delivering value immediately and listening to feedback on what we just delivered. This approach is rooted in deep collaboration that builds trust through continuous delivery working software.

Whether developing a quick mobile app or moving an entire suite of services to the cloud, Application Services is the best choice for harnessing the full spectrum of the value of true agile development.

We provide world-class agile software development expertise with nearly two decades of experience and the highest priority of all: customer delight.

Supported technologies

Application Services supports a wide variety of technologies, including:

  • iOS (Swift and Objective-C)
  • Android (Java and Kotlin)
  • Flutter
  • JavaScript, using framework such as
    • React/React Native
    • Angular
  • .Net with C#
  • Java

This list is not exhaustive, as technology is a constantly moving target. If you need help with a different technology, we can likely assist!