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In response to the immediate need for a state-of-the-art standoff scanner for elevated human temperature detection, WWT and Dell have partnered in several State & Local Government and Education (SLED) markets to provide-leading edge advancements in fever screening, including new capabilities in detection, notification and integration. 

As WWT helps our customers innovate quickly to meet the changing demands of COVID-19, integrating this Dell solution enables our SLED clients to realize the benefits of standoff fever detection across government agencies, educational entities, mass transit facilities and other citizen-facing environments.

This solution uses state of the art Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm models and new advancement into robust microservices to integrate these cameras into:

  1. Enterprise IP Camera and Computer Vision Solution.
  2. Video Management System.
  3. Social Distancing.
  4. Touchless Access Control Systems.
  5. Building Control Systems (IT/OT).

This solution can:

  1. Easy set point configuration for temperature threshold monitoring (i.e. 100.4f).
  2. Display & record the specific body temperature (i.e. 98.7°f) of all individuals.
  3. Cloud enabled with AWS, Google and Azure.
  4. Advance graphing and display feature.
  5. Advanced image detection for sunglasses, eye glasses, masks, hats, etc.

Solution: Large Group Temperature Readings

thermal camera diagram

Utilizes thermal sensors to capture or detect thermal variance and compare against a known data set.


Combines thermal cameras & artificial intelligence to recognize the slightest change in temperatures to create actionable outcomes.

Available in mobile, centralized and enterprise configurations.



AI-driven facial targeting software.

Isolate faces for thermal evaluation.

Display and store detected faces.

Social distancing analysis.

Mask verification.

Contact tracking.


Thermal camera.

Optical camera.

Ambient temperature sensor.

Audible alarm.

Speaker & microphone.

Thermal Vision Solution Bundles

Mobile Kit

Partner thermal camera (1)1.

Dell Touch Monitor.

Dell Precision 3431 Small Form Factor +1 NVIDIA GPU.

Additional Licensure for Facial Recognition and Camera Management Required.

Mobile Advanced Kit

Partner thermal camera (1).

Dell 24" Touch Monitor: P2418HT.

Dell Precision 3431 Small Form Factor +1 NVIDIA GPU.

Partner Camera & AI SW & Installation Services.

GUI & AI License.

Centralized Kit

Partner thermal cameras (1, 4, 8, 10 or 15 based on config).

Dell 24" Touch Monitor: P2418HT.

Dell Precision Workstation.

Dell PowerEdge R740 server + 1, 2, or 4 NVIDIA GPUs (based on configuration).

Partner software & installation services.

GUI & AI license.

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