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Digital Strategy Content Roundup

The impact that digital transformation can have on a business is best shown through the eyes of the customers' customers.

Whether we're crafting and delivering frictionless customer experiences, accelerating time to market, or recommending technology that offers a competitive edge, WWT Digital Strategy always puts humanity at the front and center of our solutions.


Explore digital transformation through our customers' eyes:

Technology Partnerships in the Digital Age

Learn how technology channel partner relationships are changing in this new era of digital transformation.

Push Notifications For Growth: 5 Steps to Success

Learn how mobile push notifications can drive activation, retention and loyalty — but still require a strategy to win in mobile.

Give Your Telehealth Practice a Checkup

Learn how our digital strategy, software integration and partnership advice can make telehealth practices healthier and more valuable.

What QSRs Can Learn From Upscale Dining’s Pandemic Approach

Learn about some key pandemic takeaways, including notes on text-to-order, curbside, app ordering and other unique methods.

Loyalty, Gamification & Customer Retention

Learn about loyalty programs and the benefits of leveling up via gamification.

Deploying Digital Signage in Retail

Learn about benefits and challenges of digital signage, including how to spend more time on opportunities and less on implementation.

Why Menus Matters

Learn to meet evolving customer expectations and changing market dynamics with menu mechanics and integrated tech.

How You Can Help Restaurants Shift to Curbside Pickup and Delivery

Get advice and lessons learned from WWT's restaurant clients as they navigate an industry shifting with the demands of social distancing.

The Future of Restaurants in a “Contactless” World

The restaurant industry is changing before our eyes on a daily basis. Is your business doing enough, fast enough?

How the Digital Patient Experience Is Being Redefined

Virtually overnight, what initially was ‘controlled digital transformation’ has become a seismic shift.

What to Know About the Grab-and-Go Audience

Grab-and-goers. Curbsiders. Drive thru-ers. How these terms for the predominantly QSR grab-and-go audience have quickly come represent the customer-base in every industry.

The Next Normal for Healthcare Digital Transformation

As organizations race to develop and sell patient experience tech solutions, successful implementation requires mapping benefits across the needs and workflows of clinicians, staff and patients.

Designing for Speed and Scalability

Designing in an adaptable way today will make you even more ready to scale for tomorrow.

Revolutionizing the Restaurant Technology Ecosystem

Customers expect a lot from their restaurant experience, with the added burden of ingredient transparency and rising expectations around convenience and seamless experience.

Changing Your Loyalty Program? Don't Miss These Three Steps

If you're thinking of reevaluating or starting a loyalty program, it's a great time to take stock of customers, what they like and how they engage with your brand.

How to Operate Like A Startup Inside an Enterprise Organization

Get a perspective on how enterprise organizations can apply startup methodologies to achieve quicker paths to innovation and growth while maintaining enterprise stability.

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