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EA+ Services

Software purchases are a significant component of most enterprise IT budgets. These costs will continue to rise as long as enterprise agreements (EAs) and Software as a Service (SaaS) models dominate the market.

Yet despite the steady rise in EA adoption, many companies fail to extract the full business value of their investment.

Businesses need a new approach to EA management if they want to take advantage of today's software advancements. 

EA+ from WWT is designed to help you choose the best licensing options for your needs and promote end-user adoption to drive strategic outcomes.

  • Simplify your environment while reducing total cost of ownership
  • Achieve attractive volume discounts and predictive cost structures
  • Easily track and manage hardware and software investments
  • Innovate faster using our ATC to replicate your production environment, load test EA software at scale and compare entitlements against existing solutions
  • Benefit from new entitlements quicker by using our Integration Centers to accelerate deployment while reducing the overall risk, cost and complexity

Technology procurement leaders must assess any new software or SaaS pricing metric against simplicity, cost transparency, measurability, budget predictability and value alignment. -Gartner

Our transformative approach to EA

WWT's EA+ team offers a new way to think about enterprise license agreements. We've designed a program that provides our customers with the tools, strategies, expertise and services needed to maximize the ROI of your software investments.

Following a proven methodology, our Customer Success teams will create a custom plan to ensure you maximize your consumption of enterprise software. Throughout each phase -- from assessment and purchase through implementation and adoption -- our dedicated Customer Success experts will provide the necessary expertise to drive ongoing success.

Your EA+ journey

Software Advisory Services: Before you financially commit to an EA, it's essential to ensure it aligns with your business objectives. Our Software Advisors can help.

Onboarding & Integration: Once you purchase an EA, it's time to begin using it as a strategic tool. Our Onboarding & Integration team provides a detailed description of the software in your EA, a customized roadmap for implementation, plus an outline of key activities and support to expect from WWT during the term of your agreement.

Customer Success Roadmap: As part of onboarding, we'll review your desired critical business outcomes and create a detailed plan to achieve them. This becomes your Customer Success Roadmap -- a critical alignment document you'll reference throughout your journey.

Your EA+ journey

Customer Success Management: One secret to long-term EA success involves partnering with an expert who shares best practices, insights and guidance throughout your software journey. Your Customer Success Manager does that and much more.

Adoption Services: Once software is deployed, our Adoption Services consultants help plan and scale targeted and certified training plans across your organization.

Visibility and Reporting: We track your hardware and software investments from purchase to renewal and share reporting regularly. Scheduled monitoring and reporting ensures you're only paying for the licenses you use while avoiding vendor audit fees.

Why software becomes shelfware

Enterprise software investments can become underused, sidelined or forgotten for many reasons.

  1. Complexity: A continuously growing software footprint makes it harder to standardize, consume and manage all of your software assets.
  2. Lack of Agility: Because procurement and IT departments don't typically talk about EAs, users often have trouble getting the software they need when they need it.
  3. Failure to Unlock Value: User adoption is poor for various reasons, even if you purchased the right solution.
  4. Compliance and Management: Your team is overwhelmed by monitoring license usage, ensuring compliance and keeping track of renewals.

WWT can help you avoid each problem, so you get the most from your investment.

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