Edge Innovation Studio

WWT Edge Innovation Studio

Validate next-generation edge applications in real places with real people.


There is value to showing how a customer experiences a use case as intended in native environments. But the edge environment is complex and costly, and it takes considerable momentum to enable the first use case. 

Leverage WWT's Edge Innovation Studio to:

  • Align organizational stakeholders
  • Develop a prototype
  • Craft a plan for successful implementation and adoption
  • Scale and repeat


Where do I start?

Because the true value of the edge lies in the applications that run on top of this infrastructure, it's critical to first identify and understand the use cases most likely to gain market traction before moving down a path of implementation and adoption.

Understand Edge Drivers & Use Cases

Exclusive market research details a game plan to becoming an authority in the $17 billion enterprise edge computing space. 

Craft an Edge Strategy

Map out your approach with our 10-step Edge Strategy Workbook, which provides useful examples and templates to get you started.

Establish a Path Toward Success

Understand what is needed to bring edge use cases to market with our Use Case Workshop and leave with a vision of what successful edge adoption looks like.

Test, Validate and Deploy Prototypes

By testing the solution in our Edge Innovation Studio, you can mitigate risk associated with deploying the application at scale and reduce costs. 

Ready to scale? We make edge deployments fast and easy.

Once you've validated your use case and are ready to scale, leverage our validated edge architectures to quickly go to market with vertical-specific applications that transform end customer experience and generate new 5G revenue streams.

  • Optimized edge architectures
  • Industry-tailored solutions
  • Simplified global deployment
Ready to scale? We make edge deployments fast and easy.

What Use Cases Can be Validated in the Edge Innovation Studio?

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