Transforming the Student Experience



Join us for EDUCAUSE 2020 and learn how WWT and the University of Arizona are working together to transform the student experience.

Janet McIllece 

Senior Advisor, Digital Strategy for SLED, WWT

Meredith Aronson 

Trellis Program Strategy Lead, the University of Arizona

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Session Overview

College students live at the intersection of seeking academic achievement and navigating life. University of Arizona’s digital transformation work at scale includes providing personalized experiences within a digital ecosystem that balances students’ academic and life needs.

Watch Janet McIllece and Meredith Aronson present “To help our students run, we must trip them: a personalization story.

What You'll Learn

You’ll learn about how the University of Arizona is incorporating students’ insights about their student journey to create an enterprise-level personalized student hub that is driven by strong integrated technical architecture, secured data and analytics, single sign on, and a visual design system.

This session will be relevant to technology leaders and departmental leaders whose organizations contribute to their institution’s technology ecosystem.

Transforming the Student Experience

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