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TEC37 E23: Optimize Cyber Tools to Reclaim Time, Resources and Money

1 hr

Event Overview

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Matt Berry

Goals & Objectives

Review challenges in the industry that create need for tools rationalization. Discuss WWT’s methodology to discover and assess a security tools portfolio. Develop understand about the value WWT brings to reduce expenses, mitigate risk, simplify partnership, operationalize current investments, etc.

Who should attend?

C-Suite Executive Decision Makers: Chief Security Officers, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Technical Officer, CEO, Chief Compliance Officer. Technical Decision Makers: Information Security VP/Director, Business Continuity VP/Director, Cyber Operations VP/Director, Governance Compliance & Risk (GRC) VP/Director, Security Operations Center (SOC) VP/Director, Security/IT VP/Director, Compliance VP/Director, Cybersecurity VP/Director.
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