Enabling financial institutions to compete and win in the digital age

Financial Services

Financial Services

Build next-gen data centers, improve cybersecurity posture, optimize networking and upgrade computing infrastructure

Accelerating innovation, evolving customer expectations and repeated shocks to the system are redefining what it takes for banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions to successfully compete in today's digital marketplace.

Our approach to financial services innovation starts with IT infrastructure modernization. We then build on that foundation to help institutions achieve meaningful and sustained business transformation that accelerates outcomes.

We primarily focus on the CIO, CTO and IT organizations. Why? Because winning in this new era is particularly challenging for those who must keep operations running smoothly while simultaneously building next-gen environments that address competing priorities on multiple fronts.

With a strong presence in North America, EMEA and APAC, we help financial institutions navigate evolving market complexities to thrive in these digital times.

  • Innovate at the speed of digital across business models, channels, products, risk management and operational productivity
  • Deliver cost productivity in an environment with low interest rates and credit headwinds
  • Align omnichannel product and service offerings with customer and employee channel preferences and expectations
  • Adopt open banking and other ecosystems that make back-end systems accessible to Fintechs while developing your own digital capabilities to avoid disintermediation
  • Secure everything: In a world of BYOD, cloud, work from home and omnichannel, security becomes both an imperative and competitive differentiator
  • Win the war for talent by hiring, retaining, developing and enabling the right skill sets

Our Financial Expertise

  • Retail banking
  • Commercial banking
  • Corporate banking
  • Wealth management
  • Payments
  • Insurance
  • Capital markets

Transforming Customer & Employee Experiences

Transforming Customer & Employee Experiences

Open Banking and Fintech Disruption

Driven by advances in financial technology (Fintech) and new regulations, open banking exposes back-end consumer financial data and systems to third parties through front-end APIs. Fintech startups have been quick to embrace open banking, acquiring more marketshare from traditional banks each year. Banks and other financial institutions have to develop open platforms to enable digital front-ends and capabilities to connect with core underlying systems on demand. These include a bank's own cloud-native capabilities as well as potential external Fintech players.

Our Application Services' agile development teams have significant expertise in API platform design and development as well as Application Performance Management. Additionally, our Security experts can secure your platform though the appropriate segmentation of data and applications, and implement Identity and Access Management controls.

Omnichannel Customer Experiences

Customers want the flexibility to connect with their banks both physical channels (branch, ATM) and virtual channels (contact center, mobile, web, video). They expect their contact information and data to flow seamlessly between these channels.

Our Chief Digital Advisors and Application Services teams have helped countless customers design remote client experiences and develop corresponding mobile, video and web capabilities. Our Application Performance Management team optimizes app performance to ensure a consistent, high-quality customer experience. In doing so, we leverage our expertise from other industries — such as healthcare/telemedicine and retail/omnichannel — that often outpace the financial services industry in technology adoption.

Win the War for Talent

Employees increasingly want to work remotely, and younger generations expect the digital collaboration tools they use at home to be available in the workplace. Moreover, financial institutions are being forced to enable work from home at scale in situations where physical access to company offices is not an option. Your ability to offer these benefits can directly influence your success at attracting and retaining top talent.

WWT has successfully enabled secure remote access at scale for our customers in times of crisis — often on very short notice. Our expertise extends to VDI design and optimization, MDM, MAM and more. Our contact center engineers can integrate your contact center with video and mobile channels. Our AI/ML data scientists can build a true omnichannel data architecture. Our collaboration engineers can design and implement next-gen employee experiences based on omnichannel integration across physical meeting rooms, booking systems, wayfinding, collaboration, chat and mobile applications. Plus, your employees can access training for leading edge technologies in our ATC.

Transforming the IT Organization

Transforming the IT Organization

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Today’s IT organizations must enable the business to operate at the speed of digital while continuing to find cost savings. This means they need to accelerate the deployment of new products, business models and underlying applications while pushing the limits of automation and infrastructure innovation to reduce operational costs. WWT has helped customers achieve these goals through many initiatives, including:

  • SD-WAN design and deployment to reduce networking costs to branches and campus locations
  • Hybrid multicloud design, testing and migration support
  • Data center consolidation and infrastructure modernization
  • Infrastructure automation and Infrastructure as Code (DevOps and CI/CD, automated infrastructure provisioning, automated configuration of firewalls/load balancers, etc.)
  • Next-gen engineered systems designed, tested and deployed by WWT
  • 5G-enabled customer and employee experiences leveraging our track record of helping telcos design and build next-gen 5G capabilities

Security as a Differentiator

Financial assets and data are a constant target for cyber criminals. The proliferation of digital channels, BYOD devices, work from home models and cloud computing are making it much harder for the IT organization to secure both data and infrastructure. 

WWT Security experts help our customers secure their infrastructure, applications and data through the design and deployment of state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions, including next-gen patching, cloud security, network segmentation/zero trust, vulnerability response, and identity and access management.

Pervasive AI/ML

Financial institutions have always been large producers and consumers of data, whether for risk, fraud, cross-sell/up-sell modeling, algorithmic trading or actuarial purposes. With the explosion of data, machine learning (ML) algorithms and powerful compute infrastructure (GPUs, ASICs, FPGAs), it's tough to keep pace. Moreover, the need to expand data access and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities across the organization is now a mandate — often expressed as AI as a Service. Our AI/ML experts can help build out your big data and AI capabilities, including:

  • Big data compute and storage infrastructure architecture
  • AI as a Service platforms to provide easy access to data/models to an expanded user set across the organization
  • Incorporating the latest ML techniques into AI models
  • AIOps capabilities (both OEM-enabled or custom built)
Our Work
WWT Financial Services consultants have helped financial institutions large and small compete and win in the digital era. Explore a few of our case studies.

Our People

Our Financial Services experts hail from global financial institutions and other businesses that operate in heavily regulated industries. They rely on decades of industry experience to demonstrate how the latest tools, techniques and technologies can position financial institutions to profit from, rather than succumb to, digital disruption. 

Meet some of our Financial Services leaders

Philip Farah, Head of Digital Transformation Services
Financial Services

As WWT's Digital Transformation Lead and Innovation Strategist, Philip brings more than 20 years’ experience advising senior business and IT executives of leading global FS institutions on technology-enabled growth strategies. He currently leads a high-performance team of multi-disciplinary experts focused on helping our global enterprise clients accelerate and de-risk digital transformation.

Prior to WWT, Philip was a Senior Managing Partner with Gartner Consulting, where he advised FS CIOs on strategies ranging from digital transformation to enterprise DevOps and cloud migration. In the preceding 10 years, Philip led the Global Financial Services Innovations consulting practice at Cisco Systems, where he helped launch the omnichannel transformation wave into the banking industry — from research through strategy and implementation.

Before Cisco, he headed a Decision Science unit at Capital One Financial, identifying and enabling the capture of growth opportunities for their $1B recoveries business. He started his career in the U.S. as a management consultant with McKinsey and Co, advising CXOs of leading retail banking, insurance and pharmaceutical clients on IT business strategies.

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Philip Farah
Chris Konrad

Chris Konrad, Director
Global Financial Security

As the Director of Global Financial Security, Chris's primary responsibility is to help create, execute and own the WWT security go-to-market business plan and strategy for our Global Financial Services clients by leveraging WWT’s $1B security practice. Additionally, Chris ensures that Global FI sales and engineering teams know and understand the primary security OEM landscape, plus our capabilities available via the Advanced Technology Center (ATC), EA+ and Infrastructure Services.

Chris is a 22-year veteran of the cybersecurity industry who has built and led various teams from consulting, sales and professional services. Before his current role, Chris served as a key member of WWT's Global Security Leadership Team. He started his WWT career in 2014 as our Professional Services Practice Manager before moving to Corporate Business Development and Global Engineering Practice from 2015 to 2019. Chris was named WWT's Security Engineer of the Year in 2016. He also served as a key participant and Team Captain of the State of Missouri's Office of Administration Cybersecurity Task Force, and he is currently an active member of the FBI’s InfraGard New York Metro Region.

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