Consume and monetize innovative technology to create transformational experiences for end customers.

Global Service Provider

Consume and monetize innovative technology to create transformational experiences for end customers.

Service Providers face intense pressure to transform their business models and become more agile organizations that quickly adapt to market demands and satisfy customer desires — all while reducing operational expenditures.

WWT is fundamentally transforming the telecommunications industry by making it easier for service providers to consume and monetize technology solutions. We rapidly validate multi-vendor solutions before deploying them on a global scale, which enables service providers to:


Expertise — From the Edge to the Core
A deep understanding of service provider strategy and network architecture combined with our experience working with a majority of Fortune 100 companies gives us a unique ability to:

How We Do It: Next-Gen Factory Model 

When hardware and software are pulled apart, someone needs to piece it back together and make sure it works. And once assembled, these solutions must be deployed on a global scale. 

Our Next-Generation Factory model shortens this entire motion by validating complex, multi-vendor solutions with speed in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), then integrating them at scale in one of our global integration facilities.

We bring expertise, efficiency and scale, so service providers can focus on what they do best — servicing their end customers.

ATC Innovation Ecosystem

$500 million lab to design, build and validate multi-vendor solutions. 

Supply Chain & Integration

4 million square feet of supply chain space spread over three continents. 

Professional Services & Support

From Idea to Outcome, systematically advance your journey to digital transformation.


We're Enabling the World's Largest Telcos

We understand the fast moving, competitive and complex telco environment. 

From laying the foundation for emerging cloud-based 5G networks to upskilling or mentoring engineering teams to ensure deployments without setback, we've collaborated with service provider of all shapes and sizes to tackle complex challenges and deliver business outcomes.