Scalable virtual care strategies that connect with your patients

Healthcare Virtual Care

Recent industry drivers have accelerated the upscaling and mainstreaming of virtual care.

To be effective, healthcare organizations must develop virtual care strategies and solutions that are secure, scalable and drive better patient outcomes while delivering satisfying end-user experiences.

As health systems across the country rush to expand existing virtual care solutions or rapidly implement new technologies to transition to virtual care, it's important to fully understand the spectrum of digital components required to succeed in this investment.

While video visit capabilities are certainly the foundation for serving patients while keeping clinicians, staff and patients safe, your overall virtual care strategy should encompass tools like mobile and web-based FAQs, AI-powered chatbots, secure messaging, asynchronous televisits, digital call centers, virtual registration and check-in, and remote patient monitoring.

Virtual care strategies, for today and tomorrow


Digital solutions that enable synchronous video encounters, asynchronous store-and-forward sessions, or live telephonic meetings are being leveraged by healthcare providers to provide on-demand, scheduled and inpatient care to patients remotely.

WWT is partnering with healthcare organizations to optimize existing digital investments, implement new solutions and migrate to best-of-breed technologies for virtual visits. We help our partners enhance the patient, clinician and staff experience while improving the cost and quality of care with next-generation televisit features like virtual breakout and meeting rooms, real-time status and location awareness, cross-department collaboration, tele-rounding, and caregiver engagement invitations.

Virtual care strategies, for today and tomorrow

Patient Engagement

Patients want their care options to be available 24/7. Unsurprisingly, those health systems investing in on-demand, digital care solutions are seeing an increase in patient retention and growth.

At WWT, we help our healthcare partners implement virtual care tools, like interactive FAQs and AI chatbots, that triage patient needs from their phones, tablets or computers. We also build convenient web and mobile tools with frictionless, superior user experiences for patient engagement like dynamic appointment scheduling, online bill-pay, secure messaging, online registration and digital check-in.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Leveraging remote monitoring technology, WWT helps our health system partners redefine patient care. Remote video monitoring allows care providers to safely and continuously observe and interact with patients within hospital walls.

Beyond hospital and clinic walls, we help healthcare organizations extend care with IoT platforms for device and sensor-based remote patient monitoring to proactively identify risk and shorten time to intervention. From free-standing virtual care centers to Edge IoT models to patient-reported care apps, WWT helps healthcare customers build and transform their remote monitoring solutions to improve patient outcomes, enhance the clinician and provider experience, and reduce cost of care.

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