How Can Meraki Simplify and Accelerate Your Business?

Wi-Fi 6 Webinar Recordings

Watch the Wi-Fi 6 Series

[Watch Recording] Wi-Fi 6: Why should you upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 and what are the use cases?

Presented by Steven Buhler and Michael Clark

[Watch Recording]How to start your wireless deployment: Design, Implementation and Automation

Presented by Ahmer Bhatty, Steven Buhler and Mika Hakala

[Watch Recording] Day 1 Support: Monitoring and Troubleshooting Wireless Network

Presented by Steven Buhler, Mika Hakala and Derrick Williams

SD-WAN Webinar Recordings

Watch the SD-WAN Series

[Watch Recording] Secure SD-WAN: Who? Where? Why? The Importance of SD-WAN with Security

Presented by Jordan Martin and Kyle McDonald

[Watch Recording] Best practices for deploying your secure SD-WAN enabled network

Presented by Jordan Martin and Gordon Hughes

[Watch Recording] What keeps you up at night? Proactive and Reactive Troubleshooting for Teleworkers

Presented by Jordan Martin and Chad Yates

Meet Our Presenters

Jordan Martin

Title: Technical Solutions Architect

Company: WWT

Bio: Founder and host of the popular Network Collective podcast, CCIE #43772.

Mika Hakala

Title: EVP

Company: Ekahau

Bio: Engineering and product development leader for the world’s top Wi-Fi planning, tools and health software.

Steven Buhler

Title: Global Engineering BDM

Company: WWT

Bio: 20+ years developing and delivering wireless and location-based solutions, services and applications.

Michael Clark

Title: Consulting Systems Engineer

Company: Cisco Meraki

Bio: Over his 20+ years in the industry, he has worked in end-user, vendor, partner, and service provider roles.

Kyle McDonald

Title: CCIE (RS, SP) Network Engineer

Company: Cisco

Bio: Kyle MacDonald is a double CCIE (RS, SP) network engineer who has worked in both pre and post sales roles in both enterprise and SP networking. He has been part of the Meraki service provider team and the Cisco SD-WAN service creation team.  Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Kyle and his family have lived in Denver for the past 7 years.

Ahmer Bhatty

Title: Partner Solutions Architect

Company: Cisco Meraki

Bio: Ahmer Bhatty has more than 10 years of experience in various IT and security positions including Network & Security Solutions Architect and Network Engineer roles. Prior to joining Cisco Meraki, he worked as a technical consultant for various channel partners providing high-level and detailed consultative technical solutions to the end customers.

Derrick Williams

Title: Consulting Systems Engineer

Company: Cisco Meraki

Bio: Derrick has nearly 15 years of experience working with Cisco enterprise customers across different verticals and regions with their design and implementation of Cisco solutions and architectures. Prior to joining Cisco Meraki, his main area of specialization was Cisco Aironet wireless technologies.

Gordon Hughes

Title: Meraki Technical Solutions Architect

Company: Cisco Systems

Bio:  Gordon Hughes is a double CCIE (RS and DC) and has more than 25 years of experience in various Network & Security Architect roles. Gordon has devoted the last 10 years to serving customers at Cisco as a technical solution architect, with the last 3 focused specifically on Cisco Meraki products.

Chad Yates

Title: Consulting Systems Engineer

Company: Cisco Systems

Bio:  Chad has 19 years of experience in the area of mobile wireless in the SP license bands, and Enterprise wireless 802.11 unlicensed band. Substantial technical experience with IP routing, switching, MDM, and mobility.