Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code is an effective DevOps practice for creating and managing infrastructure in a descriptive model by utilizing modern software development techniques.

Organizations will benefit from these practices by gaining a shared knowledge of infrastructure and replicating these systems in a repeatable and maintainable fashion. When combined with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) allows for changes to be tested, verified, and deployed automatically.

WWT's DevOps practitioners can help your organization realize the value of IaC through our expert engineering and consulting services.

Our specialists can help you adopt proven DevOps practices that will allow you to deploy your infrastructure with speed, safety, and stability. Our services' collaborative nature helps accelerate the business value of IaC, such as decreased environment wait times and configuration drift, increased infrastructure reliability, and self-service capabilities. As business goals change, IaC enables the organization to adapt efficiently and effectively, resulting in a more consistent, reliable, and documented infrastructure that is easier to build, run and operate.

How We Help

WWT's outcome-based approach to agile development, DevOps, and Infrastructure as Code can help you transform the way your teams build, run and operate services. We focus on capturing iterative feedback to guide decisions and produce impactful outcomes at the speed of your business. Along the way, we upskill your team to own those solutions long after they've been built. 

You won't find another partner who combines the proven ability to help with your strategy, enablement, and execution of complex infrastructure solutions at scale.

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Multicloud Integration Workshop

The WWT Multicloud Integration Workshop is designed to help validate use cases and workflows associated with a developer CI/CD experience that includes emerging concepts like Infrastructure-as-Code, Policy-as-Code and dynamic secrets management in a multicloud environment. This workshop is intended to be a collaborative hands-on session with the client stakeholders and technical staff.
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Automating Application and Infrastructure Delivery Using Immutability and Continuous Deployment

The term "immutable" refers to the property of not being susceptible to change. Immutability appears in many areas of computer science, including software development, database theory and infrastructure. In the Immutable Infrastructure paradigm, when a resource is deployed it cannot be updated externally. If an update is required, a new resource is created to replace the existing one. This series of labs introduces the Immutable Infrastructure paradigm using a hands-on approach. Each module involves using tools common in the Immutable Infrastructure space, such as machine images as code, configuration management and infrastructure as code. Benefits and Uses Cases of Immutable Infrastructure include: * Elimination of Configuration Drift * Defining images using code * Easy software rollbacks in case of failure * Zero-downtime upgrades * Predictable environments Module 1: * Use HashiCorp Packer to build and customize a CentOS image in Microsoft Azure * Deploy the custom image to Microsoft Azure using the Microsoft Azure Command-Line interface * Update the image and deploy it to Microsoft Azure to demonstrate the Immutable Infrastructure workflow Module 2: * Use HashiCorp Packer and Red Hat Ansible to build and customize a CentOS Virtual Machine (VM) image in Microsoft Azure * Deploy the custom VM image to Microsoft Azure using HashiCorp Terraform Module 3 (Coming soon): * Use GitLab to store Packer, Ansible and Terraform configurations * Use GitLab CI to automate the building, customizing and deploying of a CentOS VM in Microsoft Azure * Trigger the entire workflow by simply merging a change in GitLab (GitOps)
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F5 Terraform Automation Lab

Welcome to WWT's F5 Terraform Automation Lab. The intended goal of this lab is to introduce and enable F5 administrators to utilize Terraform to automate, simplify and streamline the deployment of F5 services.
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HashiCorp Solutions Discovery Workshop

HashiCorp solution discovery workshop is a 5-day workshop to discover the customer's business and use cases for automation and formulate a path to quickly get up and running with HashiCorp products in a multicloud environment. The workshop is delivered by a WWT architect with 3 days spent with the customer; 2 days for documentation that will consist of a statement of work (SOW) and an estimate of the level of effort (LOE) required for follow-up engagements.
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