Introducing Communities, a New Collaboration and Curation Feature

World Wide Technology is pleased to introduce a new collaboration feature on our website: communities. Communities will offer curated content and collaborative discussion forums across an array of topics within our site.

As WWT's platform continues to grow and evolve, we are always looking for new ways to present content and capabilities to our customers, partners and the marketplace overall.

We have an ever-growing body of content on our platform, spanning all the technologies we touch, the partners we represent and the solutions we're helping our customers take to market. Communities create a way for WWT teams to curate the right content for the different audiences we serve.

The communities on are places where WWT has coalesced content around a given topic or focal point.

A given community can be internal, to serve the needs of WWT teams, private, to deliver specific content and experiences to key groups like customers, or public, to curate a body of content around a shared interest.

For example, we are creating communities for many of our customers, so their teams can find just the right information they need related to their business and technology initiatives. We also are creating communities around specific industry verticals and technologies for public audiences.

Within the communities on, our visitors will find appropriately curated content from the many content types we offer:

  • Articles about timely business or technology topics
  • Case studies that share lessons from our past work
  • ATC insights that offer technical discoveries and findings that have come from work in our technology labs
  • Labs that provide hands-on experiences with the many OEM and partner technologies available in our Advanced Technology Center
  • Proofs of concept (POCs) from tests and simulated solutions our experts have created in our labs
  • Videos about a variety of business and technology topics
  • White papers that provide guidance and detailed explanations of business and technology explorations
  • Assessments that are available to evaluate the business and technology challenges organizations are facing
  • Briefings for specific business and technology solutions, patterns and expertise 
  • Workshops to collaborate on business and technology problems together

Another key aspect of our communities is that many of them will offer discussion forums to give those with shared interests a place to talk with one another. The discussion forums will be staffed with experts from across WWT who will be available to answer questions and keep the conversation going.

Further, we have long been pleased with our ability to convene conversations among seasoned experts from our many customers and technology partners. Now that communities are here, we're excited that these discussions can occur on an ongoing basis right here on

We invite you to search for communities on, join ones you find interesting, and participate in the conversation to learn from peers and share your expertise.