Aruba Wireless Solution Lab

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Solution Overview

The Lab will cover a variety of topics and provide the foundational knowledge, skills and practical experience required to set up and configure a basic Aruba WLAN utilizing the OS 8.X architecture and features. The goal will be to achieve a technical understanding and hands-on experience of configuring a single Pair of Mobility Masters, a pair of Mobility controllers, site hierarchy and its applications with an AP Aruba WLAN that will show network segmentation and management.

  • Maximize benefits - The MM Terminating MC's design is ideal for fully leveraging the capabilities of ArubaOS 8.
  • Scalability - New controllers can be easily added and managed by the MM.
  • Management - Centralized configuration and management of controllers.
  • Hierarchical configuration model - Configuration is performed on nodes (logical folders such as Campus-x down to Building-x, etc.) and each controller is assigned to a particular node depending on location and context.
  • Clustering - Having controllers in a cluster enables seamless client failover between controllers with no impact to user experience. 

Goals & Objectives

Attendees will access the Aruba Virtual and physical hardware to install and build a complete, a secure Wireless controller network managed by Airwave. Some of the tasks are listed below.

  1. Bootstrap an Aruba Mobility Master
  2. Mobility Master redundancy
  3. Bootstrap a Mobility Controller
  4. Create Hierarchies
  5. Create an SSID
  6. Create Security Policy
  7. Provision access points
  8. MultiZone
  9. Airwave Management
  10. UXI

Hardware & Software

2 x Aruba Virtual Mobility Master

2 x Aruba Virtual Mobility Controller

1 x Aruba Hardware AP-345

1 x Aruba Hardware AP-555 (Wifi6)

1 x Aruba Hardware 3810 L3 Switch

1 x Aruba Virtual Airwave

1 x Aruba Virtual ClearPass Server

1 x Virtual Windows 10 Wireless Client

1 x Virtual Jump Host for Access to the Lab

1 x Aruba UXI Network Sensor