Azure Blueprints Lab

Solution Overview

Azure Blueprints allow the IT professional to orchestrate the deployment of resource templates and other Azure artifacts, including role assignments, policy assignments, resource groups and resource manager templates. Objects are replicated to multiple Azure regions to provide both highly available and low-latency access to those objects, regardless of where the Azure Blueprints objects are deployed. This document contains instructions on the basics of getting started with Azure Blueprints using both Powershell and the Azure Portal. Advanced topics such as managing Blueprints as Code, configuring a Blueprint Operator and using the RESTI API to deploy Blueprints are outside of the scope of this document. This lab will provide instructions on creating a storage account and a Windows VM using ARM templates as part of the blueprint.

Goals & Objectives

This lab can be used as a starting point for deployment of Azure Blueprints both manually and programmatically through Powershell. This lab will work through the following:

  • Creating Blueprints
  • Working with Blueprints (modifying, editing, creating new versions)
  • Cleaning up resources

Hardware & Software

This lab requires access and some familiarity with:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Powershell
  • JSON language
  • Azure Resource Manager Templates

Examples will be provided inside of the lab for completion of the lab.