CI/CD in Action: Build, Test and Operate DevOps Pipelines

Solution Overview

DevOps can be best explained as people working together to build, deliver and run resilient software at the speed of their particular business. DevOps practices enable software development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams to accelerate delivery through automation, collaboration, fast feedback and iterative improvement. 

To foster a DevOps culture, implementing the right DevOps tools with the right DevOps process is essential. Continuous integration/continuous delivery/continuous deployment (CI/CD/CD) helps developers and operations teams to ship the software faster and safer in a structured environment. DevOps covers a wide range of practices across the application lifecycle.

We are utilizing GitLab Enterprise here to demonstrate several stages of DevOps also known as Software Development Life-Cycle: Manage, Plan, Create, Verify, Package, Secure, Release, Configure, Monitor and Defend.

Software Development Lifecycle

Goals & Objectives

With this lab, we hope to display just how easy it is to get your pipeline up and running and deploying your own website. The objectives you will complete in this lab are:

  • Exploring the basics of a DevOps pipeline.
  • Run through a DevOps pipeline deployment and maintenance.
  • Stand up a simple web page using GitLab Pages.
  • Easily deploy a change to the web page using the DevOps pipeline.

Hardware & Software

GitLab Enterprise:

  • CI
  • Boards
  • Pages