Cisco SD-WAN Programmability Lab

Solution Overview
The Cisco SD-WAN Programmability Lab is a capability of the ATC designed to provide an environment to gain hands on experience with programming Cisco's SD-WAN solution through the vManage Application Programmable Interface (API). The environment that supports the Cisco SD-WAN Programmability Lab is completely virtual, removing any hardware dependencies associated with physical infrastructure.

Cisco's vManage provides an API forward design. This means any administration task that is performed via the GUI can also be done by leveraging the API. DevOps teams and Network Coders can tap into vManage's API to build robust workflows and solutions. WWT's Cisco SD-WAN Programmability Lab will teach you how to interact with the API and demonstrate how it can be leveraged using common DevOps tools.

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of the lab guide is to help you develop proficiency using the vManage API on the Cisco SD-WAN platform. By then end of the lab, you should gain enough knowledge to begin applying these technologies to your own use cases. The lab guide is divided into modules based on core concepts being covered. The modules included in this version are:

  • Exploring built-in documentation
  • Creating a postman collection
  • Writing requests with Python

The REST calls that will be explored throughout the lab guide are shown below:

  • Authenticating to the API service
  • Getting real-time status of control connections
  • Creating a data prefix list to be used in policy
  • Updating SLA parameters for application aware routing
  • Deleting a data prefix list that is no longer needed

Hardware & Software

Cisco SD-WAN Software:

  • Version 19.2.3/16.12.04a

Cisco SD-WAN Devices:

  • 1x vManage
  • 2x vSmart
  • 2x vBond
  • 5x cEdge CSR1000v
  • 2x vEdge Cloud

Infrastructure Devices

  • 5x CSR1000v
  • 9x Windows 10 Desktop
  • 2x Ubuntu server
  • 2x TrafficJam