Cisco TDM-to-IP Solution Lab

Solution Overview

Cisco's TDM-to-IP solution is comprised of two sister platforms: the ASR-900 and NCS-4200. In this lab you will use the ASR-903 and NCS-4206 models, which are virtually identical in both form-factor and functionality. Both platforms support a wide assortment of IP- and TDM-based interfaces through an assortment of linecards. This lab consists of an IP routed network assembled using TenGigEthernet Interfaces and TDM services being provided with “3G” linecards, which support a variety of DS1, DS3 and OCx interface speeds.

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of this lab is to familiarize the user with the Cisco TDM-to-IP solution built on the ASR-900 and NCS-4200 platforms. 

The lab steps include:

  • Explore the chassis configuration on both the ASR-903 and NCS-4206 routers.
  • Explore the routing configuration in order to understand how the IP network works.
  • Configure the TDM services, including T1 & T3 controller interfaces, circuit emulators and MPLS layer-2 pseudowires.
  • Validate end-to-end TDM-to-IP functionality using Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT).

Hardware & Software

  • ASR-903 Router
    • A900-IMA2Z linecard for TenGigEthernet Interfaces
    • A900-IMA3G-IMSG linecard for T1 & T3 Controller Interfaces
  • NCS-4206 Router
    • 2x NCS4200-1T8LR-PS linecards for TenGigEthernet Interfaces
    • NCS-4200-3GMS linecard for T1 & T3 Controller Interfaces
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