Solution Overview

Enterprises and service providers are seeking solutions to their networking challenges, and they want their networks to adjust and respond dynamically based on their business policy. They want those policies to be automated so they can reduce the manual work and personnel costs of running their networks. They want to quickly deploy and run new applications within and on top of their networks so that they can deliver business results. And they want to do this in a way that allows them to introduce these new capabilities without disrupting their business. Enter SDN and Contrail Networking to provide centralized control that allows the ability to configure the network from a central management pane.  

Contrail Networking is one of the most robust SDN solutions for providing centralized management of the network. Centralized management is much simpler to accomplish in an SDN environment because of the centralize control plane. Certain aspects of the network services plane can and should also be centralized in SDN solutions. Now that the network has a centralize controller, external applications can treat the network as a single entity that provides configuration Application Programming Interfaces (API) to the outside world.

Programmability allows reactive network behavior based on changing business needs and capacity. Thanks to open northbound APIs, that can be used in an SDN environment, network applications can be written in any programming language. An SDN enabled network with the centralized control plane can be much simpler and therefore cheaper. Additionally, SDN enables a much faster spin up of services for enterprises and service providers which can significantly decrease go to market time for new applications and architectures. SDN also has the capability to provide analytics for in-depth troubleshooting and real-time monitoring of traffic.

Lab Diagram