Solution Overview

Defendex is an archiving solution that, by policy, can move files from primary storage to secondary or object (cloud) storage. For instance, files that haven't been accessed for 60 days on a high-performance array could be automatically stubbed and the capacity moved to a lower tier (e.g. object storage solution). These files are not sharded (modified) on the target array and would be accessible via the native S3 format on the object storage array.

The Defendex solution consists of an out-of-band policy engine that scans the source file system for conditions that meet the policy (e.g. files meeting or exceeding the last access time) and then moving the data to the new lower tier target. Stubs left behind can be of an active nature and do not need the policy engine online to be online and active to re-hydrate the source data.

Defendex can also act as a file classification engine to provide reporting across file systems on the data consumed by user as well as by file type.

DefendX Mobility gives you the power to:

  • Minimize file storage costs and improve backup efficiency through seamless, open, policy-based tiering and archiving.
  • Redirect storage growth to less expensive on-premise and/or cloud-based storage solutions.
  • Eliminate vendor lock-in through standards-based, open software architecture and file migration.
  • Reduce risk and enable disaster tolerance through off-site and cloud-based copies of important data.
  • Reduce complexity by combining backup and archiving into a single software engine.
  • Simplify adoption with a seamless user experience and a phased implementation schedule.

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