Explore O365 Optimization with Cisco SD-WAN

Solution Overview

Explore O365 Optimization with Cisco SD-WAN is a capability of the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) designed to provide an environment to gain hands-on experience with the O365 optimizations using Cisco's SD-WAN solution. The environment that supports the lab is completely virtual, removing any hardware dependencies associated with physical infrastructure

Microsoft Office 365 (O365) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) suite that provides Web-based access to their various product offerings that were traditionally ran on local compute resources. The shift to SaaS has resulted in product offerings being represented by different endpoint addresses in Microsoft's cloud. These endpoint addresses could be IPv4, IPv6, or FQDN addresses and are subject to frequent change. The recommendation by Microsoft for accessing O365 SaaS services is to ensure a subset of endpoints can go direct to Internet with the remaining endpoints being backhauled to a data center for remote Web access. 

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