HPE Nimble Automation Lab

Solution Overview

This lab walks the student through the process of automating HPE Nimble storage system with Ansible. It has multiple sections. First, the lab will review how the environment is setup to enable Ansible for Nimble Storage automation. The lab will then guide the user on how to create the first playbook to get the config of the Nimble storage system. The lab will subsequently build more complex playbooks to create volumes, initiator groups, mapping the volumes to the initiator groups and then the optional lab to create datastores on the ESXi servers.

Goals & Objectives

The goals of this lab is to allow our customers, partners and employees to become more familiar with HPE Nimble Storage system configuration and automation through the Ansible modules. With example playbooks, one will be able to do all of the basic tasks associated with provisioning storage to a VMware environment.

Hardware & Software

This lab runs entirely in our vCloud Director environment.

There are several VMs in the lab:

  • WIn2K domain acting as AD/DNS/DHCP server
  • 2x ESXi 6.7 hosts
  • Virtual HPE Nimble Array
  • CentOS 8 desktop for jumpbox and Ansible control station