Illumio Segmentation Lab

Solution Overview
Illumio is a host-based segmentation solution that provides both discovery services and highly efficient segmentation enforcement using the firewalls in the workloads themselves. Because it deduplicates network flow discovery, it requires only a lightweight platform, which provides you with a less expensive option. Once it activates segmentation enforcement, Illumio provides very simple visualizations with clear network topology views for ease of management and operations.

Goals & Objectives

This on-demand lab provides a safe environment to evaluate the functionality of Illumio using Linux workloads. This is the best starting point for understanding the solution and how it can provide value to your organization. 
This Lab demonstrates how Illumio:
  • Performs application dependency mapping (ADM).
  • Utilizes a simple labeling strategy to form the ADMs.
  • Includes "monitor" modes to test segmentation before activating it.
  • Enablement of segmentation enforcement.
  • Reports "out-of-policy" traffic flows (anomalies).

Hardware & Software

This lab consists of the following hardware and software: 
  • Simulated Workloads 
    9 x Red Hat Linux 7
  • Ansible Server (app control) 
    1 x Red Hat Linux 7
  • Illumio 19.1 Policy Control Engine 
    1 x Ubuntu Linux (64-bit)
  • Jumpbox 
    1 x MS Windows 8