Itential Automation Platform and Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) Lab

Solution Overview
Itential Automation Platform (IAP) is an operations toolset and workflow engine from Itential.  The world’s largest SP and IT organizations use IAP to: 

  • Provide an operations “dashboard” GUI for consolidating key ops functions 
  • Create and manage complex operations-facing workflows integrated with device control, AAA, databases and other key applications like ServiceNow 
  • Automate large-scale IT actions and services through associated device adapters (NSO or Ansible, etc.), providing the workflow and GUI on top of the device adapter 

As stated, IAP relies on device adapters like NSO and Ansible (along with many others).  With IAP, you can build business relevant workflows (using automated and manual steps) which leverage these underlying adapters, collect and parse data, and take action based on complex workflow logic.  

Along with its powerful workflow engine, IAP offers a complete operations "dashboard" with many tools like Method of Procedure (MOP) and innovative configuration management.  IAP also delivers a comprehensive set of integrations and pre-built adapters.  The aim is to give you a way to create high-value workflows and operations tools with little or no code.

Goals & Objectives

In this lab you will:
  • Take a guided tour of IAP 
    • Dashboard walkthrough 
    • System walkthrough 
    • Application: Golden Config 
    • Workflow: L2VPN 
  • Build a workflow 
    • Selecting a sample workflow 
    • Creating a custom form (based on the NSO service model) 
    •  Building the service catalog entry 
    • Creating a workflow from scratch (based on a pre-built NSO Service Model) 
  • Examine a complex workflow 

Hardware & Software

Itential Automation Platform (IAP)
Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO)