Juniper Northstar SDN Controller Fundamentals and Service Orchestration Lab

Solution Overview

NorthStar Controller, the industry's first WAN software-defined networking (SDN) controller for traffic optimization, helps operators achieve this goal. It automates the control of segment routing and IP/MPLS flows in service provider, cloud provider and large enterprise networks.

NorthStar Controller provides you with granular visibility into network traffic flows, while optimizing network capacity through closed-loop automation. It monitors your network in real time, gathering streaming telemetry, IGP and BGP-LS data from the network and analyzing the data to provision new service paths based on user-defined SLA constraints. With NorthStar Controller, you can run your network hotter, at higher capacity utilization levels, with confidence.

In this lab you will work with NorthStar and get familiar with its fundamentals. Additionally, you will work with Cisco's Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) to provision overlay services on the network, utilizing the underlay LSPs for overlay VPN services.  

Lab Diagram