Moogsoft Lab

Solution Overview

Moogsoft delivers a seamless integrated solution to increase productivity, reduce costs and accelerate innovation with early detection, outage prevention and business awareness.

Lower TCO: Incidents detected early, stakeholders notified quickly and root cause pinpointed precisely

High, instant business value: Service impacts averted, customer experience and revenue generation protected

Productivity boost: Fewer tickets and escalations needed, collaboration enhanced, war rooms eliminated and knowledge recycled

Goals & Objectives

  • Provide continuous assurance for the enterprise
  • Ingest data from multiple sources, including metrics, alerts, traces & logs
  • Reduce alert noise
  • Eliminate ticket fatigue
  • Correlate incidents to identify patterns
  • Find precise root cause of an outage
  • Reduce time to detect and resolve issues
  • Automate incident / ticket resolution
  • Create resolution knowledgebase to accelerate MTTR
  • Collaborate across IT & DevOps teams

Hardware & Software

  • Moogsoft Enterprise
  • Moogsoft Express