Morpheus Approvals With Enhanced Automation

Solution Overview

In this lab, we will utilize the out of the box approval and governance features of Morpheus to deploy an Instance and showcase how those features were configured in the lab. Further, we will enhance the default approval abilities by leveraging the automation and API features within Morpheus to auto approve requests that fall inside certain thresholds. Lastly, you will work through the approval process and see those features in action.

This lab will take approximately thirty minutes to complete and you can skip any of the review modules you wish.

Goals & Objectives

Module 1: Review - Morpheus Approval and Policy Configurations

  1. Policies
  2. Approvals
  3. Roles

Module 2: Review - Automated Approval Script and Job Creation

  1. Automation Task
  2. Scheduled Jobs

Module 3: Deploy - VM Creation with Approval Policies

  1. Standard Morpheus Approval Process
  2. Automated Approvals
  3. Policy Restrictions

Hardware & Software

  • Morpheus
  • InfoBlox
  • Active Directory
  • PowerShell
  • VMware vCenter 6.7