Multicloud Reporting With Embotics

Solution Overview

This lab will cover Capacity and Performance, Change and Configuration Management, Chargeback and IT Costing and Lifecycle Management. Each of these topics have many areas that can be explored, and we will focus on giving you a high-level overview of each, while enabling you to explore the data in depth. This lab takes about 30 minutes to complete based on the depth of the reporting interface you wish to explore. 

Goals & Objectives

Lab Overview: 

Part 1: Capacity and Performance
Part 2: Change and Configuration Management
Part 3: Chargeback and IT Costing
Part 4: Lifecycle Management

Hardware & Software

  • Embotics
  • VMware vCenter version 6.7
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Infoblox
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft DNS